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Castielli School of Dance have been providing children’s dance classes in Aylesbury for over 30 years.  These classes have the ability to bring out the best in the children.  Alongside learning the art of dance, it enables confidence to grow, long-life friendships and memories that stay with them for a lifetime. Parents will notice the differences in a short period of time, suddenly their child is practicing what they have learnt in their front room, in the school playground, excited to be part of their new found dancing family.  We have also had dancers that have excelled to such a level that they have had the opportunity to take their dance training to professional dance colleges / universities and are now professional dancers.


We've been with Castielli School of Dance for 14 years.  It's not just a dance school, it's a family.  It's been great to see the dancers grow and develop over the years and make great friendships (this goes for the parents as well).  Thank you Janet and Chrissy for all you do (oh and Jason) X

Both my girls joined Castielli School of Dance when they were 3 years old and have loved it ever since (they are now 10 and 7).  They say it is a great and fun place to learn and practice dancing.  Everyone is so friendly which makes it feel like a big dance family, and they have made some great friends.  I have seen my children progress not only in their dance techniques, but their confidence has grown as well.  Thank you Janet and Chrissy Xx

I danced with Castielli from a young age and enjoyed many years of competing and made some friends for life! I am proud now to watch my daughter Ren competing and finding the same love for dance. She’s grown so much in just a year and absolutely loves it! Thanks Janet and Chrissy xx

Dance school with passion, love, fun & desire to give their pupils the best of dance.  #TOPSCHOOL

I'm a dancer at Castielli and it's most fun am loving the place to dance and also couldn't ask for a better dance school than Castielli.  I love everything about it and my teacher, can't wait to see what the future holds for me here x



For the first time ever, ISTD have created an online street dance competition. So excited to be part of this. Congratulations to all of our dancers who took part. All dancers were stars - learning and practising the routine in a way they aren't used to. We had lots of dancers getting call backs, with Sophie and Rene making the semi finals. Rene made 3rd place in under 10's!!

Well done everyone. Super proud of you all x